Service Intervals

Regular maintenance is critical to the life of your boat motor and running gear.

Sterndrive or Inboard


Check coolant level for closed cooling units.
Check crank case oil level.
Check for leaks in fuel system, cooling system, oil, exhaust system, power steering, power trim, etc.
Check throttle and shifting.
Check steering system.
Check transmission fluid.
Check cooling system clamps and belts.


Check Battery fluid level and case.
Check electrical system for loose or damaged wires or connections.
Check fuel pump for fuel leaks.


Should be performed by dealer

Check steering.
Check throttle and shift control.
Lubricate Engine coupler, u-joints, u-joint shaft splines, and gimbal bearing.
Check engine alignment.

Check timing and adjust if necessary.

Test coolant in closed cooling systems and replace coolant every two years.

Change crankcase oil and filter.
Check power steering fluid on models so equipped.
Inspect for leaks in fuel system, water system, cooling system, oil, power steering system, power trim system, gear case, etc.
Inspect cooling hoses and clamps for tightness, check pressure cap if so equipped.
Check exhaust bellows and clamps.
Inspect belts for wear and tightness.
Clean and inspect ignition system.
Inspect power package (engine drive, starter and pumps) for loose or missing pieces, especially fasteners; check for damaged parts.
Lubricate and inspect steering system.
Check fluid level and specific gravity in battery and inspect battery case for damage.
Inspect electrical system for loose or dirty connections, broken or bare wires.
Inspect fuel pump for leaking fuel. Some stern-drive engines have a sight-glass or sight-tube. If fuel is present in the glass or tube, a rupture has occurred in the fuel pump.
Examine hoses for cracks, swelling, or other signs of deterioration.
Also check clamps and connections for tightness.
Clean flame arrestor and examine crankcase ventilation valve.
Lubricate shift and throttle cables and inspect for kinks or wear.
Replace fuel filters.
Clean and paint exterior surfaces, with the exception of the sacrificial anodes.
Replace impeller in seawater pump.
Clean seawater section of heat exchanger in closed cooling system