Service Tips

10 Tips To Keep Your Boat Running Throughout The Year

  • Start with fresh fuel. If you need to store gas for longer than two months, add gasoline stabilizer to the fuel.
  • Make sure the engine is pumping enough water to keep it cool. Most engines have either a water temperature gauge, water pressure gauge, or a tell-tale to let you know if the water temperature is at maximum cooling. Sea water pumps should be changed every season.
  • Keep a spare key onboard.
  • Place your dealer’s phone number in the glove box of the boat in case of an emergency.
  • Check all fluid levels before launching boat: engine oil, gear-case oil, closed cooling fluid, power trim fluid, power steering fluid, fuel, transmission fluid.
  • When shifting into forward or reverse, any clicking or excessive clunking of gears is an indication of improper shift technique. If you think you hear gear clicking, talk to your dealer and have him check the problem.
  • For oil injected engines, flush the oil reservoir(s) and put in fresh oil at the start of every season.
  • Keep your battery(s) charged for maximum efficiency.
  • Listen to the engine for unusual noises. Talk to your dealer if you discover any unusual noises. Many new engines have a warning horn test that sounds off when the key is turned on. The warning system should give you two beeps then remain quiet until the key is turned off and then on again.
  • Put the boat plug in before launching. Water from swamping could cause major damage to the engine, controls, gauges or steering system.